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            Welcome to visit Zaoyang Ruikang Chemical Co., Ltd.!


            Address: Nancheng Industrial Park, Zaoyang City, Liyang City, Hubei Province
            Tel: +86-13686234233 +86-13871690405 Manager Chen
            Fax: +86-710-6881688
            E-mail: 1414307618@qq.com
            Website: www.cshiji100.com

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            4-Methylbenzyl cyanide

            Chinese name: 4-甲基苯乙腈;4-甲基芐氰;對甲基芐氰;對甲基氰芐
            CAS NO: 2947-61-7
            EINECS NO: 220-963-2
            Molecular formula: C9H9N
            Molecular weight: 131.1745
            Physicochemical properties:
            Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
            Density 0.992,
            Melting point 18 ° C
            Boiling point 242-243°C
            Refractive index 1.517-1.519
            Flash point: 106 ° C
            Solution degree: insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol and ether.
            Uses: Used as an intermediate in fragrances, pharmaceuticals, dyes and pharmaceuticals.

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